Easiteach Animated Books Content 1.0

Easiteach Animated Books Content 1.0

It contains a variety of Animated Tales, Animated Poems and Animated Facts
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Easiteach® Animated Books provides high quality and totally original teaching and learning materials designed by Hamilton Reading Project. Produced with teachers, the resources support interactive, whole-class teaching using stimulating animations with related creative activities. The teaching of fiction, poetry and non-fiction is enhanced in ways which inspire imaginative and enjoyable work where children develop higher level skills in English.

Easiteach Animated Books contain a variety of Animated Tales, Animated Poems and Animated Facts. The Tales/Poems are beautifully illustrated with original artwork to combine the best of picture-book art with lively detailed animations and interactive activities specifically designed to fit the content and style of each text. The Facts offer the classic features of different non-fiction texts within an animated and interactive context.

Main Features :

The Animated Tales offer an exciting way of bringing a picture book to the computer screen because they are especially written and designed for interactive use, combining innovative, colourful animation with the spoken voice.

They cover a wide range of story themes: a trip to the future, a boy who will not get up in the mornings and the magic in a rucksack. These Tales allow children to draw on their own experiences, and also provide the explicit references necessary for planning creative teaching within an NLS framework. Each Tale incorporates vocabulary activities that 'pop-up' within the screens. These activities can be completed with the whole class as a teaching exercise, or with groups or individuals as an independent activity.

With Animated Poems, classic works by Thomas Hardy, Christina Rossetti and Lewis Carroll are included, along with poems written especially to accompany work on specific themes. Traditional rhymes are also a feature, including adaptations in which repetition and rhyme are used as part of a language enrichment agenda.

The Animated Facts are totally original teaching resources, which have been specifically designed around the demands of teaching English, offering all the classic features of non-fiction facts; different types of layout, real and drawn images. They provide teachers with all the necessary information for an exciting non-fiction topic, in which sustained work on a particular text type, e.g. persuasive writing, is not only modelled but also engendered.

For all Animated Tales, Poems and Facts, there is also a Poster Book, which includes a printable version of the text and activities. These Poster Books provide a set of between 8-20 pages incorporating both the text and a selection of pictures and can be used in a variety of ways.



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